What does an outside bird aviary cost?

Building a high-quality outside aviary is not cheap. I am asked again and again about the costs, but I have no crystal ball. The costs depend on several factors. Here's some food for thought:

  • Protective House - does it already exist? Or does it have to be built? Maybe a summer house that should be isolated well additionally?
  • Wood - if you want to use it, what type? Cheap wood has to be replaced earlier because it is always exposed to the weather.
  • Aviary Mesh
  • Or Aviary Panels? How many do I need? What kind of additional materials do I need?
  • The Roof Wooden roof and roofing felt? Or multiwall sheets? I would not recommend to have an open roof because of possible disease transmission by wild birds.
  • A Concrete Bottom as a protection against rodents and predators

No one can tell what your dream aviary will cost until you have planned every detail.

Running costs of an aviary

Of course you are not done with the costs when the aviary is built.

There are several ongoing costs: Regularly recurring for food and bedding as well asincalculable costs, e.g. for the veterinarian. Since you normally keep a lot more birds in a garden aviary than inside your home, this point is not negligible.

In addition, you should budget for necessary renovations that will probably occur after a few years. This can be new aviary mesh, new timbers, or ...

If you use wood to build your aviary, you will need wood glaze to keep it up.

Renovierung der Gartenvoliere

In 2010 the Wellivilla was reconditioned. The outside part was torn off completely and rebuilt.